Strade Bianche 2017 - women: The Route

Strade Bianche 2017 for womenSaturday, 4 March 2017 – Played out in the Tuscan hills, the Strade Bianche for women is a 127 kilometres race with roughly 30 kilometres on gravel roads. Some of the eight gravel sectors feature punchy climbs and the finish is at the end of a steep climb into the old city of Siena.

Starting from the Medici Fortress of Siena the women hit the first gravel sector after 11 kilometres. It’s only 2.1 kilometres, slightly uphill and perfectly straight. The day’s first climb coincides with the second sector. It’s the Bagnaia, 4.7 kilometres in length and with ramps at over 10%. Then two sectors with no significant gradients lead to Buonconvento.

The next gravel sector is halfway through the 2017 Strade Bianche. At 9.5 kilometres it’s the longest sectors in the women’s route. Continuous up and downs in the first part make way for a twisting climb before meeting the tarmac again.

The next 35 kilometres are played out on paved roads before a short (800 metres) gravel sector coincides with a double digit gradient ramp. Almost without delay the women hit the penultimate unpaved road. Sector 7 is 2.4 kilometres and climbs towards Colle Pinzuto with gradients of up to 15%.

The last gravel sector is 1.1 kilometre. It opens with a demanding descent and then a very punchy climb, with a steepest section of 18%, leads to Le Tolfe. When cresting there are 12 kilometres left to race.

With 2 kilometres remaining the route joins Via Esterna di Fontebranda, where the gradient touches 9%. Then the riders pass beneath the Fontebranda Gate. Only 900 metres to go now and the road continues on paving slabs. The gradient exceeds 10% until 500 metres from the finish line the steepest sector hits 16%. A sharp right hand turn with 300 metres to go, while the climb flattens out. In the last 70 metres the route of the Strade Bianche enters the Piazza del Campo and the final 30 metres are downhill.

Results/race report Strade Bianche Donne 2017.

Strade Bianche 2017 for women: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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