La Flèche Wallonne 2015: The Route

La Flèche Wallone 2015Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - The Fleche Wallonne and the Wall of Huy are intertwined. Year after year the pack attacks the steep final climb in close formation. In 2015 again? The race is 205.5 kilometres in length and the Wall of Huy is featured three times.

The route winds through the hills of the Ardennes, but 118 kilometres into the race and only three climbs are crested. Then comes the forst ascent of the Wall of Huy – the 1.3 kilometres climb rises with an average grade of 9.6%. The steepest sections are after 400 metres (11% for 400 metres), after 800 metres (17% for 100 metres) and after 900 meters (14% for 300 metres). With a 6% gradient the last 100 metres are relatively easy.

Then comes the next round, characterised by climbs up Cote d’Ereffe, Cote de Bellaire, Cote de Bohissau and another toil up the Wall of Huy. At the top are 29 kilometres left.

Time for the final! Again Cote d’Ereffe and racing past the village Marchin the riders heading towards Huy. Just before the village they turn left and via Rue de Cherave the attack the Cote de Cherave. With right rocks on the right and houses on the left, it’s a is 1.3 kilometres climb at 8.1%.

Through the village of Ahin and along the banks of the Meuse it’s back to Huy once again for the closing climb up the local Wall. At the top, the winner will be the successor of Alejandro Valverde.

Race results and race report edition 2015.

La Flèche Wallonne 2015: Route, profile and more

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