Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec 2015: The Route

Grand Prix de QuébecFriday, September 11, 2015 - The Grand Prix de Quebec is sixteen rounds of 12.6 kilometres. The plentitude of nasty climbs in Quebec's city centre ensures a tough race. The sixth edition totals 201.6 kilometres.

Soon after the start the riders are in a park on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, or Fleuve Saint-Laurent, as the French speaking people in Quebec prefer to call the river. After 4 kilometres the circuit drops to the river bank and continues on the flattest section of the race, which is between kilometres 5 and 9. The pace will be high on the Boulevard de Champlain.

Yet, the Grand Prix de Quebec is battled out in the last 3.5 kilometres of each round, beginning with the Côte de la Montagne, a 375 meters climb at 10%. Sure, the first round won’t hurt but this will be another story after ten round. Especially the 165 metres section at 13% will be no picnic.

On the narrow Rue de Remparts riders race the city walls, overlooking the port. With 10.3 kilometres done another short climb appears – 420 metres at 9%. After the peak of Côte de la Potasse comes a short descent, but mind you, no time to rest as the road rises again with on the left and on the right the old houses of the city centre.

With 1.2 kilometre left the Montée de la Fabrique is crested after a 190 metres climb at 7%. Yes, that is short, but in the finale – after sixteen rounds – it will hurt like hell. Once atop, the climbing is not done as the last kilometre rises at 4%.

Sixteen rounds with such a multitude of short climbs turns the Grand Prix de Quebec into a war of attrition. Simon Gerrans is title-holder, after he won the race also 2012. Other winners are Thomas Voeckler (2010), Philippe Gilbert (2011) and Robert Gesink (2013).

Results/race report Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec 2015.

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