Giro 2018 Stage 14: Froome wins at Zoncolan, Yates cements overall lead

The Giro d'Italia's 14th stage runs over four peaks to finish at Monte Zoncolan. The final haul up is 10.1 kilometres and averaging 11.9%. Chris Froome solos to victory just ahead of Simon Yates, who cements his overall lead as he distances runner-up Tom Dumoulin. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 14th stage 2018 Giro d’Italia

1. Chris Froome (gbr)
2. Simon Yates (gbr) + 0.06
3. Domenico Pozzovivo (ita) + 0.23
4. Miguel Ángel López (col) + 0.25
5. Tom Dumoulin (nld) + 0.37
6. Thibaut Pinot (fra) + 0.42
7. Wout Poels (nld) + 1.07
8. Sebastien Reichenbach (swi) + 1.19
9. Pello Bilbao (spa) + 1.35
10. Michael Woods (can) + 1.43

11. Patrick Konrad (aut) + 1.48
12. George Bennett (nzl) + 1.55
13. Richard Carapaz (ecu) + 2.00
14. Carlos Betancur (col) + 2.10
15. Sam Oomen (nld) + 2.12
16. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 2.17
17. Fabio Aru (ita) + 2.23
19. Rohan Dennis (aus) + 2.35
22. Sergio Henao (col) + 3.44

GC after the 14th stage
1. Simon Yates (gbr)
2. Tom Dumoulin (nld) + 1.24
3. Domenico Pozzovivo (ita) + 1.37
4. Thibaut Pinot (fra) + 1.46
5. Chris Froome (gbr) + 3.10
6. Miguel Ángel López (col) + 3.42
7. Richard Carapaz (ecu) + 3.56
8. George Bennett (nzl) + 4.04
9. Pello Bilbao (spa) + 4.29
10. Patrick Konrad (aut) + 4.43

11. Rohan Dennis (aus) + 5.11
12. Michael Woods (can) + 5.26
13. Fabio Aru (ita) + 5.33
14. Carlos Betancur (col) + 5.39
15. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 5.42
16. Sam Oomen (nld) + 5.57
17. Alexandre Geniez (fra) + 7.30
18. Wout Poels (nld) + 7.56

Race report
Attacks are flying from the start, but nothing sticks and the pack arrives bunched at the foot of the first climb. On the short and sharp Monte di Ragogna Mads Pedersen and Valerio Conti jump clear, while Enrico Barbin and Francesco Gavazzi track them down. These four are first over the top, almost 3 minutes ahead of the peloton. Jacopo Mosca, Laurent Didier and Matteo Montaguti are trying to bridge across.

The seven tackle the next climb, to Avaglio, with a lead of almost 5 minutes. Pedersen is dropped on the steeper slopes, yet he rejoins the others on descent.

On the Passo Duron – 4.4 kilometres at 9.8% – the leaders are 6 minutes adrift. Pedersen and Mosca lose contact on the lower slopes, while the others crest the summit 4’20” ahead of the peloton.

While climbing the Sella Valcalda – 7.6 kilometres at 5.6% – the lead of the front group falls to 1 minute. Barbin and Conti are the first riders over the top.

The two hit the Zoncolan 1 minute ahead of the main group. Conti opens up a gap with 9 kms left, while Igor Antón goes after him. Rohan Dennis, Pello Bilbao and George Bennett lose contact.

Antón tracks down Conti. Michael Woods jumps across to the race lead when the peloton is closing in. He edges out a small gap before Wout Poels brings him back. The Dutchman sets such a high pace that Fabio Aru and Richard Carapaz are dropped.

The front group is down to Yates, Dumoulin, Yates, Froome, Poels, López, Reichenbach, Pozzovivo and Pinot with 4.4 kms to the top. Then Froome accelerates to go solo. Yates, López and Pozzovivo are behind him with Dumoulin and Pinot further back.

While leading the chase, Yates is distancing Dumoulin before he goes in pursuit of Froome with 3 kms remaining. For a moment it looks like he is going to bridge across with one strong effort, but the last 10 seconds are difficult to close. Under the flamme rouge the maglia rosa is 7 seconds down on Froome with Dumoulin another 30 seconds further back.

Ultimately, Froome holds off the pink chaser to seize a powerful victory at Monte Zoncolan. Yates finishes second, thus pocketing a time bonus of 6 seconds and putting 31 more seconds into title defender Dumoulin.

Tomorrow’s stage brings another big day of racing in the high mountains.

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Giro d’Italia 2018 stage 14: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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