Gent - Wevelgem 2022 - women: Route

Gent-Wevelgem for women 2022Sunday 27 March – The women's edition of Gent-Wevelgem is 159 kilometres long. After a flat run-up the riders tackle seven hills within 30 kilometres. The last one is the steep and cobbled Kemmelberg before the final 34.3 kilometres are played out on the flat.

The start is in historic Ypres before the route navigates through Flanders’ flat fields in westerly direction. That is, towards the coast. Other than in previous editions the riders go as far as De Moeren, which is an exposed area that is renowned for its strong winds. Or rather, echelons.

The route goes as far west as De Panne before returning inland. The hilly zone begins after roughly 94 kilometres. The riders tackle a series of short and often sharp climbs on the trot. Zigzagging through an area close to the French border they crest the Scherpenberg, Baneberg, Monteberg and Kemmelberg in quick succession, only to do it all over again. Yet, without the Monteberg but also without any time for a breather. In fact, after the Scherpenberg and Baneberg they tackle the Kemmelberg this time on the hardest side.

Kemmelberg Ossuaire is the steepest and longest side of the Kemmelberg, with a maximum gradient of over 20%. At the top of the last hill the riders face 34.4 flat kilometres on wide and exposed roads. The first part goes to the north and after a passage in Ypres the last 20 kilometres go in easterly direction to the finish in Wevelgem.

Marianne Vos is title holder. Last year, the Dutch grande dame of cycling outgunned Lotte Kopecky and Lisa Brennauer with a powerfull sprint.

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Gent – Wevelgem for women 2022: route, profiles, more

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