Gent - Wevelgem 2021: Van Aert wins seven-up sprint

Wout van Aert GW - Gent - Wevelgem 2021: Van Aert wins seven-up sprintfoto: Cor VosGent-Wevelgem is played out in windy conditions. The pre-decisive move takes place with 180 kilometres remaining, while Wout van Aert outsprints Giacomo Nizzolo and Matteo Trentin on the line. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results Gent-Wevelgem 2021

1. Wout van Aert (bel)
2. Giacomo Nizzolo (ita) s.t.
3. Matteo Trentin (ita) s.t.
4. Sonny Colbrelli (ita) s.t.
5. Michael Matthews (aus) s.t.
6. Stefan Küng (swi) s.t.
7. Nathan Van Hooydonck (bel) + 0.03
8. Dylan van Baarle (nld) + 0.52
9. Anthony Turgis (fra) + 0.54
10. Gianni Vermeersch (bel) + 1.25

Race report
Bissegger, Rutsch, Noppe and Rex jump off the front after almost 10 kilometres. Fedorov replaces Noppe and the four open up a 10 minutes gap.

Crosswinds speed up the race very early and the gap goes down fast. A group of 21 – with Bennett, Van Aert, Matthews, Küng, Nizzolo, Trentin, Colbrelli, Van Poppel and Mezgec – rejoin the front, while the main group is chasing at 2 minutes.

Stybar, Ballerini, Riesebeek and Durbridge accelerate on the Baneberg. Vermeersch (Gianni), Kragh Andersen and Naesen rejoin them, but they can’t bride across. Before entering the plugstreets the peloton brings them back.

After the second haul up the Kemmelberg the lead group is down to Van Aert, Van Hooydonck, Matthews, Colbrelli, Trentin, Bennett, Nizzolo, Van Poppel and Küng. Those nine leave the hilly zone behind to enter the flat and exposed finale.

The nine move through Ypres with a stable gap before Van Hooydonck accelerates with 17 kilometres remaining. Küng closes the gap with five others in his wheel. Bennett and Van Poppel are dropped.

The race comes down to a sprint of seven with Van Aert outperforming Nizzolo and Trentin

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Gent – Wevelgem 2021: route, profiles, more

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Wout van Aert

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