Privacy statement

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is applicable in the EU from 25 May 2018. brings you the most important information in regard to the GDPR.

The GDPR is meant to give EU en EEA citizens more control over their own personal data. Cyclingstage thinks your online privacy is important, so herewith we specify the outlines.

What is it about?
When posting a reaction on our website, your data (name, e-mail address, response) are stored in the database. Your name will be shown online with the reaction, but your e-mail address will not. Your e-mail address is stored for communication purposes only. You receive an e-mail when someone else comments on your reaction, while our editors could send you a private message if necessary.

When signing up for the newsletter or results service, your name and e-mail address are stored in the database. Same goes for the statistics of the newsletter. When you unsubscribe, your data are deleted. Your are free to unsubscribe from both services anytime.

Reactions sent via the contact form are not stored in the database. These reactions end up in the mailbox.

How we handle your data
Your data is not available to third parties. Only the most important employees of have access. We do not pass on your data to other parties!

With the use of SSL certificates Cyclingstage safeguards your sensitive data. In addition, we ensure that our website is safe and up-to-date!

Third parties
Cyclingstage collaborates with third parties for, among other things, hosting and sending newsletters. The 2018 GDPR law also applies to these parties. Obviously, we find it important that the parties we work with comply with the GDPR norms.

Your right of erasure
If you have ever left a comment on Cyclingstage and want to delete it, just ask us and we will take of it. This also applies to your registration or results service, including statistics.

Your right to data portability
If you want to know which of your data are in our data base, just send us a request and we will e-mail you an overview. This goes from comments to statistics regarding the open rates of the newsletter/results service.

Advertisers often use cookies to show you the most relevant ads. WebAds is the most important ad-contributor at Cyclingstage. They take care of the consent pop-up in which all relevant data are displayed.

Google Analytics keeps track of the number of website visitors. The necessary changes have been made (or will be done in short notice), so that your online privacy is safeguarded.

We find it important for you to be in control of your privacy settings. If you have any questions, please use the contact form.

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