Tour de Romandie 2023 Route prologue: Port-Valais

Tuesday 25 April - The Tour de Romandie opens with a 7.2 kilometres prologue in Port-Valais. The course is as flat a curling rink.

A prologue on the first day of the Tour de Romandie is one of the certainties in life. Ethan Hayter won last year and succeeded Rohan Dennis (2021), Jan Tratnik (2019), Michael Matthews (2018), Fabio Felline (2017), Ion Izagirre (2016), Michal Kwiatkowski (2014), Chris Froome (2013), Geraint Thomas (2012), and Jonathan Castroviejo (2011).

This year’s route is as flat as can be. As the distance does not exceed 8 kilometres, the definition ‘prologue’ is in order.

Port-Valais is situated on the south-east side of Lake Geneva, 5 kilometres from the Swiss-French border.

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