Tour de France 2024: Abrahamsen still in polka dots

If we consider the number of available mountain points, then the 10th stage is the flattest stage in line of the entire Tour de France. There are zero KOM points to be found on the route between Orléans and Saint-Amand-Montrond. Therefore, Jonas Abrahamsen stays in the lead of the KOM competition.

KOM classification 10th stage 2024 Tour de France

1. Jonas Abrahamsen 33
2. Tadej Pogacar 20
3. Valentin Madouas 16
4. Jonas Vingegaard 15
5. Remco Evenepoel 12
6. Stephen Williams 10
7. Carlos Rodriguez 10
8. Frank van den Broek 9
9. Ion Izagirre 8
10. Juan Ayuso 8

After the time trial on day seven, the 10th stage is the second (and last) stage in the Tour de France with no points available for the mountains classification. Makes sense, as there are no peaks in the flat and sometimes gently rolling route.

The rider who wears the polka dot jersey before the rest day will start with it again in the 11th stage.

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