Tour de France 2022 Favourites stage 7: Attackers or GC clash?

Primoz Roglic - Tour de France 2022 Favourites stage 7: Attackers or GC clash?image: Cor VosContrary to the finale at La Planche des Belles Filles, the run-up is nothing special, so it should be easy for the GC teams to control the breakaway. Which raises the question: attackers or yellow jersey contenders?

The first part of the route is predominantly flat. Then the roads begin to rise gently and after approximately 100 kilometres the riders tackle the Col de Grosse Pierre, a climb of 8.7 kilometres with an average gradient of 3.4%. The statistic is biased, as the first kilometres are a false flat while there is a downhill halfway up.

Following some minor climbs and the crossing of the Ognon river the riders enter a false flat of more than 10 kilometres. Then a short drop leads onto the finish climb.

La Planche des Belles Filles is a 7 kilometres climb at 8.7%. The hardest part is the last kilometre – not only climbing at 9.5%, but also unpaved.

Given the gentle run-up, the race should be easy to control. Are the teams of the GC contenders willing to do so – offering their leaders the chance to won the stage and and time bonuses -, or are the attackers given so much leash that one of them will turn out on top?

The 2019 Tour saw the same finish climb and it was Dylan Teuns who out-gunned fellow-attacker Giulio Ciccone. Yet, that run-up was totally different – much tougher to be precise, with sis hard ascents ahead of La Plances des Belles Filles.

We’ll update this article as soon as the Tour de France’s entry list starts to take shape.

Favourites 7th stage 2022 Tour de France

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