Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024: The Route

 Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024Wednesday 27 March - Dwars door Vlaanderen is played out on a 188.6 kilometres route with eight stretches of pavé and twelve climbs. The last 10 kilometres open with a 750 metres 'helling' and feature a short cobbled sector as well.

The first 75 kilometres are a quiet phase to get in the groove. Two helling/pavé combos stand out – Hellestraat/Varentstraat, Volkegemberg/Holleweg -, but that’s it in terms of obstacles. Although strong winds could always be a factor in the open terrain around Waregem.

The action intensifies after the race moves through Oudenaarde. The riders zigzag the area to the south of this cycling Mecca, stretching to Ronse, which lies merely 13 kilometres away. Yet, the amount of loops is dizzying, adding up to 85 kilometres with eight hellingen and a couple of cobbled sectors, before returning to Oudenaarde.

For starters, the riders traverse the Hotond, Knokteberg-Trieu, Kortekeer and the cobbles on the Mariaborrestraat within 17 kilometres. After a quite phase of 12 kilometres the next combination features Berg Ten Houte and Kanarieberg before the Knokteberg-Trieu/Hotond is tackled in reverse order. The Mariaborrestraat is thrown in again shortly before the base of the Ladeuze climb. There are still 38 kilometres remaining at this point.

The riders descent to Oudenaarde for a relatively easy finale. Two stretches of pavé precede the Nokereberg – 500 metres at 5.7% – and moments later the riders enter the finishing circuit around Waregem, which includes 800 metres of pavé on the Herlegemstraat twice. The first time before the passage on the line and the second time after the last climb on the Waregemsestraat (which is essentially the Nokereberg, but from another side).

Last year, Christophe Laporte attacked from an elite group with 4 kilometres remaining and he won the race 15 seconds ahead of Oier Lazkano and Neilson Powless.

Ride the route yourself? Download GPX Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024.

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