Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024: Jorgenson wins with late attack

Matteo Jorgenson - Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024: Jorgenson wins with late attackfoto: Cor VosMatteo Jorgenson attacks inside the last 7 kilometres from a lead group with Stefan Küng, Jonas Abrahamsen, Dries De Bondt, Josua Tarling and Tiesj Benoot. The winner of Paris-Nice solos to victory in Dwars door Vlaanderen, while Abrahamsen and Küng round out the podium. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 2024 Dwars door Vlaanderen

1. Matteo Jorgenson (usa)
2. Jonas Abrahamsen (nor) + 0.29
3. Stefan Küng (swi) s.t.
4. Tiesj Benoot (bel) s.t.
5. Dries De Bondt (bel) s.t.
6. Joshua Tarling (gbr) + 0.44
7. Jonathan Milan (ita) + 1.47
8. Michael Valgren (den) s.t.
9. Mathias Norsgaard (den) s.t.
10. Thomas Gachignard (fra) s.t.

Race report
It takes quite awhile for the breakaway to go clear. Eventually, nine riders open up a gap in the run-up to the first climb, up the Hellestraat, and two more riders bridge across in the ascent. The eleven – Casper Pedersen, Dries De Pooter, Mathias Norsgaard, Donavan Grondin, Dries De Bondt, Niklas Märkl, Amund Grøndahl Jansen, Pascal Eenkhoorn, Jonas Abrahamsen, Thomas Gachinard, Victor Vercouillie – then race to a 2.40 minutes lead.

A crash takes down a lot of riders in the run-up to the Kanarieberg. Wout van Aert, Jasper Stuyven, Biniam Girmay and Mads Pedersen are among the victims. The fist three can’t continue the race.

Matteo Jorgenson, Tiesj Benoot, Stefan Küng, Alberto Bettiol and Michael Valgren push on together on the Kanarieberg, while regains Joshua Tarling contact just before the Knokteberg.

Eenkhoorn, Abrahamsen, De Bondt, Gachignard, De Pooter and Pedersen (Casper) are the remaining attackers when Jorgenson, Benoot, Küng, Bettiol and Valgren bridge across on Ladeuze. Tarling regains contact in Oudenaarde, with 35 kilometres left to race.

Bettiol attacks on the Nokereberg and distances his remaining rivals Jorgenson, Benoot, Küng, Abrahamsen, De Bondt and Tarling. Unfortunately for the Italian he suffers an attack of cramp and he is overhauled.

Benoot up the pace on the last climb. De Pooter is the only rider left in his wheel before the others come across again just before the summit.

Following several attacks, Jorgenson makes the decisive move with 7 kilometres to go. He solos to victory, while Abrahamsen outsprints Küng for second place.

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Dwars door Vlaanderen 2024: video, routes, profiles

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Matteo Jorgenson

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