Vuelta 2022 Favourites stage 19: Sprint of attackers

Daryl Impey - Vuelta 2022 Favourites stage 19: Sprint of attackersfoto: Cor VosThe 19th stage at La Vuelta is exceptionally clear-cut. The riders ascend the same mountain twice to finish with a downhill of some 30 kilometres.

The Puerto de Piélago is the climbs that’s on the menu twice. In fact, the route consists of two times the same loop around Talaveira de la Reina, southwest of Madrid. The Piélago climb totals 19 kilometres at 4.1%, while the second is somewhat steeper: 9.3 kilometres at 5,6%.

The descent into Talaveira de la Reina is interspersed with sections on the flat and short uphills. The first part of the descent goes down at 5 to 6% and the rest is actually more of a false flat descent. Far from techncal either.

Odds are that we’ll see the stage pan out into a sprint of a big group (of attackers).

Favourites 19th stage 2022 Vuelta a España

*** Alessandro De Marchi, David de la Cruz, Daryl Impey
** Luis León Sánchez, Lawson Craddock, Thomas De Gendt, Fred Wright
* Danny van Poppel, Jimmy Janssens, Robert Stannard, Davide Villella, Rudy Molard

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