Dwars door Vlaanderen 2016: The Route

Dwars door VlaanderenWednesday, March 23, 2016 – At 199.7 kilometres, Dwars door Vlaanderen is played out. The second half of racing is toughest, featuring 11 hills and over 6 kilometres of pavé. The last hill, Nokereberg, is crested with 8 kilometres left.

The opening of the stage is as flat as can be, it’s only after 90 kilometres in the saddle the first hill appears. The Nieuwe Kwaremont is a 2 kilometres climb at 4.2%.

At 111 kilometres, the race really starts with the cobbled climb up the Kattenberg – a 740 metres ascent at 5.9%, almost without delay transforming into a 1.5 kilometres sector of pavé. A little later the cobbles near Brakel account for 1.7 kilometres. Leberg is next, a 700 metres climb at 6.1% with a steepest section at 14%. It’s only after Berendries (900 metres at 7.2%, steepest section at 14%) and Valkenberg (540 metres at 8.1%, steepest section at 12.8%) the dust starts to settle.

That is, for 13 kilometres. Then, in quick succession, Eikenberg and Taaienberg bring a 1.25 kilometres and a 530 metres with Taaienberg accounting for a steepest section at 15.8%.

Right now the longest hill-less section in the second half of Dwars door Vlaanderen is upon us. But not for long as with 166 kilometres done Oude Kwaremont (1.5 kilometres at 4%, steepest section at 11.6%) and the short but steep Paterberg (365 metres at 12.9%, steepest section at 20.3%) once more shake up the race. Via the longest stretch of pavé in Dwars door Vlaanderen (near Anzegem) the race continues to Vossenhol (1.4 kilometres at 6.5%, steepest section at 9%) and Holstraat (1 kilometre at 5.2%, steepest section at 12%), while the last climb is a cobbled one: Nokereberg is 5 metres at 5.7% with a max grade at 6.7%. After cresting it’s 7.9 kilometres left to race.

Live race report Dwars door Vlaanderen 2016. Expect the finish to be around 4.30 pm local time.

Dwars door Vlaanderen 2016: Route maps, height profiles, etc.

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Oude Kwaremont:

E3 Harelbeke: Route and profile Oude KwaremontRoute and profile Oude Kwaremont

E3 Harelbeke: Instagram images Oude KwaremontInstagram #oudekwaremont

E3 Harelbeke: Streetview Oude KwaremontStreetview Oude Kwaremont

E3 Harelbeke: Oude Kwaremont at strava.comOude Kwaremont at strava.com


E3 Harelbeke: Route and profile PaterbergRoute and profile Paterberg

E3 Harelbeke: Instagram images PaterbergInstagram #paterberg

E3 Harelbeke: PaterbergStreetview Paterberg

E3 Harelbeke: Paterberg at strava.comPaterberg at strava.com


Dwars door Vlaanderen: Route and profile TaaienbergRoute and profile Taaienberg

Dwars door Vlaanderen: Instagram images TaaienbergInstagram #taaienberg

Dwars door Vlaanderen: Streetview TaaienbergStreetview Taaienberg

Dwars door Vlaanderen: Taaienberg at strava.comTaaienberg at strava.com

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