Giro 2017 Route stage 20: Pordenone – Asiago

Giro 2017 Route 20th stageSaturday, 27 May 2017 - In stage 20 of the Giro d'Italia the last climbs are served. The route takes in one wall and two long ascents. Following a rolling section on a plateau, the finish line is 15 kilometres after the last peak.

Muro di Ca’ del Poggio. That’s the name of the first climb. It easily could have been decisive if it had been planned in a finale, but this time it’s merely the first hurdle after 40 kilometres on a route as flat as a billiard table. But a brutal hurdle it is! At 1.15 kilometres, the Muri di Ca’ del Poggio is marked by an average grade of 12.2% and the steepest ramp goes up at 18%.

Following this bpm increasing interruption the riders keep going on rolling roads until they reach the base of Monte Grappa. In the 2014 Giro d’Italia Nairo Quintana did win a mountain time trial leading to the summit.

The Monte Grappa climb in 2017 doesn’t go all the way to the top as this is a dead end. The mountain is crested at an elevation of 1,620 metres before the riders drop down to the valley via Campo Solagna.

The last climb in the 2017 Giro d’Italia starts in Valstagna. The Foza is crested at 1,086 metres and to get there you have to climb 14.4 kilometres at 6.5%. Following the switchbacks of the Foza climb the finish is 15 kilometres later after a rolling section on the Asiago plateau.

Giro 2017 stage 20: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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