Giro 2017 Route stage 19: San Candido/Innichen - Piancavallo

Giro 2017 Route 19th stageFriday, 26 May 2017 – At 191 kilometres, the route of the 19th stage in the Giro d'Italia travels from San Candido to Piancavallo. Chances are the race will be decided on the closing climb. The other peaks are too far away from the finish line for that, yet they will play their part in the attrition.

San Candido is a ski resort in the beautiful Puster Valley. The German name for the village is Innichen.

After the start the route goes up without delay and 13.9 kilometres into the race the first pass is crested. This one goes by the euphonious name of Passo di Monte Corce di Comelico, or the Cross Comelico. Yet, the agony is kept in store for later. Except for 1 kilometre of 9%, the climb is not too steep.

Via Padola and Santo Stefano di Cadore the riders arrive in the valley of the River Piave. A short climb up the Cima Sappada takes them to the next valley: Val Degano. Descending to Tolmezzo the Sella Chianzutan appears, an 11.8 kilometres climb at 5.5%. Steep ramps alternate with short drops, while the toughest part is halfway when the road goes up at 10% for almost 1 kilometre.

Between the top of the Sella Chianzutan and the finish line are 86 kilometres. No hurdles until Aviano, which is the base of the closing climb to ski resort Piancavallo. The ascent kicks in hard with grades at 10%, while the steepest sector of 13.5% appears after 5 kilometres. The average gradient of the 13.8 kilometres toil is 8%. The last 3 kilometres before the summit are less steep.

He who wins in Piancavallo follows in the footsteps of Marco Pantani. In 1998 Il Pirata took a stage here before he went on to win the Giro d’Italia that year.

Giro 2017 stage 19: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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