Vuelta 2014 Route stage 21: ITT Santiago de Compostela

Vuelta 2014 stage 21Sunday, September 14 - The 2014 Vuelta is almost done. Just a little under 10 kilometers of time trial left and then it’s over. Could very well be a thrilling encore, leading to the pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago de Compostela is a famous spot, thousands and thousands of pilgrims from all over the world ended their hike here. For the bunch the pilgrimage marks the end of a bike trip of over 3000 kilometers across Spain. ‘El Final del Camino,’ as the Spaniards are saying, meaning: the end of the road.

Obviously, the differences in a time trial as short as this one are supposed to be small. It will be a matter of seconds to decide on the stage victory, and maybe on the GC win as well.

Edition 2013 saw Horner win with a 0‘37” second lead over Nibali. A closing time trial would have been exciting, to say the least. Earlier in the race Nibali took 1’39” from Horner in a 38 kilometers time trial.

The first rider starts at 17:11 and the number 1 in the GC at 20:18.

Vuelta 2014 stage 21: Images and more

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