Tour of Flanders 2019 - women: Bastianelli bests Van Vleuten and Ludwig in three-up sprint

Marta Bastianelli, Annemiek van Vleuten en Cecilie Ludwig are the first riders over the last climb, the Paterberg. The three push on together before the Italian sprints to victory. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results Tour of Flanders 2019

1. Marta Bastianelli (ita)
2. Annemiek van Vleuten (nld) s.t.
3. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den)s.t.
4. Sofia Bertizzolo (ita) + 0.07
5. Ellen van Dijk (nld) s.t.
6. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) s.t.
7. Chantal Blaak (nld) + 0.10
8. Lisa Brennauer (ger) + 0.55
9. Lucinda Brand (nld) s.t.
10. Amy Pieters (nld) s.t.

Race report
Sanguineti, Marchesini, Dobrynina and Valsecchi open up a gap, while Eraud, Waterreus and Stougje chase them down. The seven carve out a lead of almost 4 minutes, while former winner Rivera crashes out of the race.

The lead group disintegrates on the Wall of Geraardsbergen. Stougje, Waterreus, Sanguineti and Erad push on together, although Dobrynina and Valsecchi regain contact later on. The six are brought back inside the last 50 kilometres.

Ludwig is the first rider over the Oude Kwaremont. A group with Van Vleuten, Vos, Niewiadoma en Bastianelli is close behind. While Vos punctures, the others regroup. Niewiadoma is dropped on the Paterberg.

The leading trio holds off the chasers before Van Vleuten opens the sprint from far out. Bastianelli overhauls her in the last 50 metres to win the race, while Ludwig finishes in third.

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Tour of Flanders for women 2019: route, profiles, more

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Marta Bastianelli

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