Tour de France 2027: Route and stages

Rotterdam and The Hague are in the running to co-host the Grand Départ of the 2027 Tour de France. If is pans out the way the two Dutch cities envision, Rotterdam hosts an opening prologue before stage 1 will be a race with start and finish in The Hague. The UK has also voiced an interest to host the Grand Départ in 2027 with stages in England, Scotland and Wales, while Ireland and North-Ireland are also eager to launch the Tour France.

If Rotterdam and The Hague are picked, it would be the sixth Grand Départ in the Netherlands in the history of the Tour de France. Amsterdam (1954), Scheveningen (1973), Leiden (1978), Den Bosch (1996), Rotterdam (2010) and Utrecht (2015) hosted the start of the biggest cycling event in the world before.

In the summer of 2024 we’ll see edition 114 of the Tour de France.

Tour de France 2027

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