Strade Bianche Donne 2024: Kopecky outguns Longo Borghini in Siena

Lotte Kopecky sb - Strade Bianche Donne 2024: Kopecky outguns Longo Borghini in Sienafoto: Cor VosWorld Champion Lotte Kopecky drops Elisa Longo Borghini on the steep climb into Siena to win the Strade Bianche for the second time in her career. Demi Vollering bests Kasia Niewiadoma in the sprint for third place. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 2024 Strade Bianche Donne

1. Lotte Kopecky (bel)
2. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 0.04
3. Demi Vollering (nld) + 0.26
4. Kasia Niewiadoma (pol) s.t.
5. Shirin van Anrooij (nld) + 0.40
6. Kristen Faulkner (usa) + 0.41
7. Riejanne Markus (nld) + 1.01
8. Elise Chabbey (swi) + 1.54
9. Marianne Vos (nld) s.t.
10. Evita Muzic (fra) s.t.

Race report
The peloton takes it easy for over 80 kilometres. And then, on the Monteaperti sterrato, a group of eleven riders breaks away from the field. Mischa Bredewold, Kimberley Pienaar, Neve Bradbury, Letizia Borghesi, Amber Kraak, Yara Kastelijn, Barbara Malcotti, Lizzy Deignan, Riejanne Markus, Alena Amialiusik and Anouska Koster open up a 1 minute gap.

Due to crah the lead group is down to Amber Kraak, Riejanne Markus and Alena Amialiusik when they are caught with 22 kilometres remaining.

Demi Vollering strikes with 17 kilometre remaining. Kasia Niewiadoma and Elisa Longo Borghini go with her, while Marianne Vos is the first to bridge across before the other favourites also pop up.

A group of twenty riders tackle the Le Tolfe climb together. Niewiadoma takes the lead when it ramps up. Vollering, Kopecky, Longo Borghini and Van Anrooij reach the summit in her wheel. The latter loses contact when Vollering accelerates.

Kopecky strikes with 10 kilometres to go and Longo Borghini goes with her. Van Anrooij rejoins Vollering and Niewiadoma in the background before Kristen Faulkner also makes it back.

Longo Borghini and Kopecky cooperate well to keep the chasers at bay. The World Champion powers away by the Italian Champion on the steep climb into Siena. She crosses the line with a 4 seconds lead, while Vollering outsprints Niewiadoma for third place.

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Strade Bianche Donne 2024: routes, profiles, more

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