Kuurne - Brussels - Kuurne 2022: Jakobsen outsprints Ewan

Fabio Jakobsen kbk - Kuurne - Brussels - Kuurne 2022: Jakobsen outsprints Ewanfoto: Cor VosThe attackers are caught inside the last 200 metres before Fabio Jakobsen outguns Caleb Ewan in a thrilling finale. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne 2022

1. Fabio Jakobsen (nld)
2. Caleb Ewan (aus) s.t.
3. Hugo Hofstetter (fra) s.t.
4. Daniel McLay (gbr) s.t.
5. Giacomo Nizzolo (ita) s.t.
6. Dries Van Gestel (bel) s.t.
7. Amaury Capiot (bel) s.t.
8. Christophe Laporte (fra) s.t.
9. Matteo Trentin (ita) s.t.
10. Taco van der Hoorn (nld) s.t.

Race report
A break of seven takes shape after 10 kilometres. The lead of Lluis Mas, Taco van der Hoorn, Luke Durbridge, Wessel Krul, Arjen Livyns, Jules Hesters and Bas Tietema never exceeds 3 minutes. Julius van den Berg and Ben Healey bridge across with 100 kilometres remaining.

Durbridge, Livyns, Mas and Van der Hoorn are the remaining attackers when they are caught on the Côte de Trieu. Moments later, Benoot goes solo, while 16 riders join him on the flat run-up to the last climb, Kluisberg.

Pidcock, Küng, Trentin, Asgreen, Van der Hoorn, Narváez and Laporte are among the attackers.

The gap widens to 50 seconds after the Kluisberg before it starts to go down. The catch is partly made with 17 kilometres to. But Narváez, Van der Hoorn and Laporte forge on.

Jakobsen launches his sprint from far and overhauls the attackers in the last 150 metres. Ewan comes close, but the Dutchman holds him off to take the win.

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Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne 2022: route, profiles, more

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Fabio Jakobsen

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