World Cycling Championships 2024 Zürich

World Championships 2024The World Cycling Championships of 2024 will be held in Zürich, Switzerland. The event takes place from Sunday 22 September to Sunday the 29th. The Worlds were held twice before in Zürich, but that was a long time ago – in 1946 and 1929. (Slideshow route/profile)

The reigning champions are Mathieu van der Poel and Lotte Kopecky (road races), Remco Evenepoel and Chlóe Dygert (ITT), and Switzerland (mixed relay).

The rider who succeeds Mathieu van der Poel also succeeds Hans Knecht (1946) and Georges Ronsse (1929). Knecht’s world title was extra special as he lived his entire life in Zürich.

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World Cycling Championships 2024 – Zürich, Switzerland

start – finish type km el. gain
22-9 Zürich – Zürich ITT (m) 46.1 413m
22-9 Gossau – Zürich ITT (w) 29.9 327m
25-9 Zürich – Zürich mixed relay 53.7 948m
28-9 Uster – Zürich road race (w) 154.1 2,488m
29-9 Winterthur – Zürich road race (m) 273.9 4,470m

World Cycling Championships 2024, Zürich, Switzerland – routes & profiles

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