World Cycling Championships 2019 Yorkshire: Route ITT - men

World Championships Yorkshire 2019Wednesday 25 September - The individual time trial for men at the Worlds in Yorkshire is played out on a lumpy 54 kilometres course between Nortallerton and Harrogate. The elevation gain is 404 metres.

The route runs on predominantly flat roads for the first 15 kilometres. The riders are due to reach Masham when the first uphill appears. The short and sharp ascent leads onto a fast downhill before the route climbs out of Masham. The uphill drag to Grewelthorpe levels out and runs onto a fast section to Risplith.

Just before the village the roads kick up for a few hundred metres and the route continues on meandering country roads with, mostly, fast curves. A short uphill kick on the outskirts of Harrogate leads onto a final section with twists and turns. Swans Road, Crescent Road and up to the finish line on Parliament Street.

Recent World Champions are Rohan Dennis (2018), Tom Dumoulin (2017) and Tony Martin (2016).

The first rider rolls down the start ramp at 13.10 and the last one is expected to finish around 16.04.

World Cycling Championships 2019 Yorkshire – ITT men: route, profile, more

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