Vuelta 2021 Route stage 7: Gandía - Balcón de Alicante

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 7Friday 20 August - La Vuelta serves the first proper mountainous test on the seventh day of action. Stage 7 goes either up or down from start to finish. The route amounts to 152 kilometres and finishes at the Balcón de Alicante.

Gandía is as a tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast, halfway between Valencia and Alicante. But no beach for the riders, they are forced the other way, into the mountains. The first climb appears after 7 kilometres. The Puerto la Llacuna adds up to 10 kilometres and comes with an average gradient of 6%, altough that statistic is wildly misleading. Sections at 17% play leapfrog with false flats.

After the descent the riders navigate more undulating terrain for awhile. Effectually the route goes up until they reach the foot of the Puerto de Benilloba, which is a 5.7 kilometres climb at 3.9%.

The end of the downhill coincides with the base of the next climb. The Puerto de Tudons is an ascent of 7.3 kilometres with an average gradient of 5.2% – quite steady, as the steepest ramp goes up at 7.5%.

The riders drop down a long descent to enter a false flat that continues onto the Puerto El Collao. The 8.6 kilometres climb at 4.9% levels out a bit in the midway section, only to resume with 1 kilometre at 9.7%.

Still 39 kilometres to go at the top. A rolling descent of more than 15 kilometres takes the riders to Xixona – famous for its turrón, or nougat -, which lies at the foot of the Puerto de Tibi. The 6.4 kilometres climb at 4.9% rises at almost 10% in the middle section before mellowing out in the last 2 kilometres.

The Tibi climb is merely an appetizer for the finish climb. After a short descent and a short false flat the ascent to the Balcón de Alicante begins. The 4.4 kilometres climb goes up at 8.2% and the heart of the climb is particularly brutal with 1 kilometre at 11.2%.

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The 7th stage of La Vuelta starts 13.07 and the race is expected to finish around 17.30 – both are local times.

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 7: profile & more

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