Vuelta 2021 Route stage 4: El Burgo de Osma - Molina de Aragón

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 4Tuesday 17 August - At 163.6 kilometres, the riders travel from El Burgo de Osma to Molina de Aragón on the 4th stage of La Vuelta. Odds are that wel'll see a bunch sprint in the coldest place of Spain.

Both El Burgo de Osma and Molina de Aragón never hosted the Vuelta a España before. The riders penetrate the plains northeast of Madrid. Although the route is not entirely flat, the inclinations are so shallow that there are no KOM points available.

Timing will be crucial for the fast men, as the last kilometre of the race runs slightly uphill.

Located at en elevation of 1,065 metres, Molina de Aragón is one of the coldest places in Spain. In fact, last January the record was set at -25.2°C. On the other hand, it’s August and a possible cold wave will not be the riders main concern. Quite the opposite. A heat stroke is more obvious in temperates easily reaching +35°C.

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The 4th stage of La Vuelta starts 13.38 and the race is expected to finish around 17.30 – both are local times.

Vuelta a España 2021 stage 4: profile & more

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