Vuelta 2014 Route stage 15: Oviedo – Lagos de Covadonga

Vuelta 2014 stage 15Sunday, September 7 – The ascent to Lagos de Covadonga is a classic climb in La Vuelta. Every rider will be more than pleased to ad this stage in 152.2 kilometers to his CV.

Leaving the town of two time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso, riders head north for a long ride on the wild and green northern coast. The opening 100 kilometers are relatively straightforward. It’s in the ascent of the Puerto del Torno, crested at kilometer 114, the climbers can show their strength. In all fairness, probably the GC riders will hide here in the shades. Upon cresting it’s still 22 kilometers to the base of the climb to the lake of Covadonga.

The climb itself is 12.2 kilometres in length. The top is at 1.110 altimetres and the average gradient is 7.2%. The toughest part is at 7 kilometres under the top with a 800 metres section of 15%. The finale is somewhat of a rollercoaster ride with stretches going down, up, down and up again. That last one up is a killer with a max grade of 17.5%. It may be a comforting thought that this killer is short and quick: just a few hundred metres.

Lagos de Covadonga is a familiar name in the Vuelta road book. Pedro Delgado, Robert Millar and Lucho Herrerra took the stage at this Asturian mountain, as did lesser gods like Vladimir Efimkin (2007), Carlos Barredo (2010) and Antonio Piedra (2012).

You can follow the race here. The finish is expected around 17:40 (CET).

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