UAE Tour 2020: Ackermann powers to first leader’s jersey

The UAE Tour opens with a chance for fast finishers. Pascal Ackermann seizes the opportunity and he outguns Caleb Ewan and Rudy Barbier. Obviously, Ackermann is the first leader on GC. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 1st stage UAE Tour 2020

1. Pascal Ackermann (ger)
2. Caleb Ewan (aus) s.t.
3. Rudy Barbier (fra) s.t.
4. Dylan Groenewegen (nld) s.t.
5. Luka Mezgec (slo) s.t.
6. Alberto Dainese (ita) s.t.
7. Jakub Mareczko (ita) s.t.
8. Max Walscheid (ger) s.t.
9. José Joaquín Rojas (spa)
10. Andrea Vendrame (ita) s.t.

GC after stage 1
1. Pascal Ackermann (ger)
2. Caleb Ewan (aus) + 0.04
3. Veljko Stojnic (ser) + 0.05
4. Rudy Barbier (fra) + 0.06
5. Leonardo Tortomasi (ita) s.t.
6. Nikolay Cherkasov (rus) + 0.07
7. Dylan Groenewegen (nld) + 0.10
8. Luka Mezgec (slo) s.t.
9. Alberto Dainese (ita) s.t.
10. Jakub Mareczko (ita) s.t.

Race report
Stojnic, Scaroni, Cherkasov and Tortomasi form the breakaway. Obviously, with so much stellar sprinters present the four don’t stand a chance and the catch is made with 15 kilometres to go.

In the ensuing sprint Pascal Ackermann outpowers Caleb Ewan and Rudy Barbier, while Dylan Groenwegen’s jumps on the right side of the road comes too late.

Another interesting read: route 1st stage 2020 UAE Tour.

UAE Tour 2020 stage 1: route, social media

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Pascal Ackermann

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