Tour of Valencia 2022: The Route

The Tour of Valencia returns to its original time slot with two hilly stages to start with. The Queen Stage takes place halfway, while the last two stages are tailor made for the sprinters. The race kicks into gear on Wednesday 2 February. (Slideshow route/profile)

The 1st stage of the Tour of Valencia is a hilly race into the Sierra de Espadán. The finale features a trying climb inside the last 3 kilometres.

Stage 2 ventures into the Sierra Calderona. The finish location is Torrent.

The Tour of Valencia serves its Queen Stage on the third day of action. The riders tackle five intermediate ascents before finishing on top of a partly unpaved and excessively steep finish climb in the Sierra del Maigmó. The last 1.5 kilometres go up at an unforgiving 13%.

Although being ar from flat, the 4th stage is likely to see a sprint finish in Torrevieja. Two years ago, Dylan Groenewegen powered to triump in the coastal town.

The final stage has been tried and tested in previous editions. The race starts in Paterna and finishes in de streets of Valencia, where Arnaud Démare (2021), Fabio Jakobsen (2020) and Dylan Groenewegen (2019) were the most recent stage winners.

Tour of Valencia 2022: profiles

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