Tour of Valencia 2021 Route stage 1: Elche - Ondora

Wednesday 3 February - The Tour of Valencia opens with a race of 166 kilometres. Between the start in Elche and the finish in Ondora the route takes in four intermediate ascents.

The riders clip into their pedals in the Palmeral de Elche, or the Palm Grove of Elche. Which is the northernmost and worldwide one of the largest palm groves.

The 1st stage serves a race through the middle mountains. As per usual in Spain the route does not feature a lot of flat, but four times the inclination is hard enough for a classification. It remains to be seen if this is enough to drop the sprinters.

Last year’s Tour of Valencia saw three bunch sprints. Dylan Groenewegen won two times, Fabio Jaobsen one.

Most climbs are situated in the second half of the race.

Watch the highlights of recent races here:
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