Tour of the Alps 2018 Route stage 1: Arco - Folgaria

Tour of the Alps 2018 Route 1st stageMonday, 16 April 2018 - The route of the 1st stage of the Tour of the Alps runs from Arco to Folgaria. At 134.6 kilometres, the riders tackle two intermediate climbs to finish 6.2 kilometres after the last peak. In the dying metres of the race they face a punchy stretch of 10%.

The 2018 Tour of the Alps kicks in hard. Before the Queen Stage on the second day of action, the 1st stage is no piece of cake either. The altitude gain is 2,530 metres, while the route takes in climbs up to Andalo and Serrada before a tricky finale calls it a day.

Shortly after the start, the road starts to slope gently upwards all the way to Paganella plateau, passing the gorgeous Lago di Molveno and Andalo along the way. The average gradient is nothing to worry about, but the distance is something else. At kilometre 50.3 the riders crest the highest point before a 15 kilometres descent brings them back to the valley of the Adige, which is Italy’s second longest river after the Po.

A 44 kilometres section on the flat runs to Rovereto. Once the riders leave the town they hit the foot of 19.2 kilometres ascent up to Serrada. The first 8.9 kilometres are averaging 5.2%, while following a breather on a 600 metres plateau the last 10.5 kilometres are marked by a 6% gradient. The summit is crested at kilometre 128.4.

Only 6 kilometres left to race, mostly on descent. With 700 metres to go a sharp bend dramatically reduces the speed before the riders have to relaunch themselves to make the final move. To spice it up, the drag up to the line on the Via Emilio Colpi is marked by gradients peaking at 8%.

Tour of the Alps 2018 stage 1: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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