Enter Tour of Flanders pool with €7,500 in prize money

Wout van Aert E3 - Enter Tour of Flanders pool with €7,500 in prize moneyimage: Cor VosMathieu van der Poel, Wout van Aert and Tadej Pogacar are on fire. The Three Musketeers are sure to ignite Sunday's race with pure cycling bliss and you yourself can also add an extra element of excitement to 'De Ronde'. Simply enter our skill gaming pool and you'll play for a guaranteed €7,500 in prizes, while the first prize amounts to €1,000.

For €10 you’ll enter our Tour of Flanders skill gaming pool by Zweeler. There’s good chance to win as there are more than hundred possibilities to do so. Moreover, the anticipatory pleasure and fun of creating your own team(s) is a reward in itself.

To create a team you’ll enter 13 riders. Obviously, your triumphant strategy is to select those riders who’ll score the most points in Sunday’s race.

The main prize is €1,000 while the total amount of prize money has an accumulated value of €7,500 (guaranteed, and still growing).


For inspiration, please take a look at the start list and favourites to win the Tour of Flanders this Sunday.

The Tour of Flanders skill gaming pool starts today at 10:16 CEST. But why wait, register now for the best chance to win the main prize of €1,000.

It’s allowed to optimize your prospects of success by entering several teams.

Watch the highlights of recent races here:
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