Tour of Flanders: Recent winners

philippe gilbert 2017 - Tour of Flanders: Recent winnersThe Tour of Flanders is one of cycling's 5 Monuments. It is of huge importance to Belgian riders, teams, sponsors and of course the massive crowds of Flemish cycling fanatics that line the route each year. It's therefore no surprise that Flemish riders feature heavily in the list of race winners. (Slideshow route/profile)

Recent winners of the Tour of Flanders

2017: Philippe Gilbert (bel)
2016: Peter Sagan (svk)
2015: Alexander Kristoff (nor)
2014: Fabian Cancellara (swi)
2013: Fabian Cancellara (swi)
2012: Tom Boonen (bel)
2011: Nick Nuyens (bel)
2010: Fabian Cancellara (swi, image)
2009: Stijn Devolder (bel)
2008: Stijn Devolder (bel)
2007: Alessandro Ballan (ita)
2006: Tom Boonen (bel)
2005: Tom Boonen (bel)
2004: Steffen Wesemann (ger)
2003: Peter Van Petegem (bel)
2002: Andrea Tafi (ita)
2001: Gianluca Bortolami (ita)
2000: Andrei Tchmil (ita)

Tour of Flanders records

Six riders share the record for most victories in Flanders: Achiel Buysse, Eric Leman, Johan Museeuw, Tom Boonen (all Belgians), Fiorenzo Magni (Italy) and Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland). They each won three editions of the race. More on this in the article Heroes of the Tour of Flanders.

With 69 victories the Belgians are by far the most successful country in the Tour of Flanders.

Tour of Flanders 2018: Route maps, height profiles, and more

Click on the images to zoom.

Tom BoonenFabian CancellaraPeter SaganPhilippe GilbertAlexander Kristoff

Watch the highlights of recent races here:
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