Tour de Romandie 2018 Route stage 3: Ollon - Villars

Friday, 27 April 2018 - The 3rd stage of the Tour de Romandie is an individual time trial for the climbers. Ollon lies in the valley and Villars high up on the mountain.

The route is yet to be announced but expect the route to be – or, at least, feature – a 15.8 kilometres climb at 5.3%. Ollon is located down in the valley, while Villars – a village that’s actually part of the municipality of Ollon – lies high up in the mountains. The aforementioned climb was climbed twice in the finale of stage 4 in the 2016 Tour de Romandie – once as the ultimate haul up to the line. That day, Chris Froome climbed to victory.

There is another way to get from Ollon to Villars – yet, that’s also a descent. Ollon, which is fanours for its wines, lies at an altitude of 520 metres, while ski village Villars is located high up the mountains at 1,253 metres above sea level.

When route-information on the Tour de Romandie’s 3rd stage is revealed, you’ll read it at

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