Tour de Romandie 2018 Route stage 1: Fribourg - Delémont

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 - The route of the 1st stage of the Tour de Romandie travels from Fribourg to Delémont.

Fribourg hosts the prologue and has been a Tour de Romandie host city many times prior, but for Delémont and a pro-cycling peloton we have to go back to 2014. That year, the 6th stage of the Tour the Suisse finished in the Renaissance style town. Although the race traveled over four intermediate climbs it came down to a group sprint with Matteo Trentin turning out on top.

Although it’s been a while since a pro-cycling peloton last visited Delémont the inhabitants do like to ride their bicycles – or, for that matter, use other non-motorized transport. Every June, 34 kilometres of roads are made car-free in order to make it available for bikes and skaters.

As soon as information on the route of the 1st stage of the 2018 Tour de Romandie is revealed, you’ll read it at

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