Tour Colombia 2019 Route stage 3: Llanogrande - Llanogrande

Tour Colombia 2019: The Route stage Thursday 14 February - The 3rd stage of Tour Colombia is played out on a circuit in Llanogrande. Four laps, while the route totals 167.6 kilometres.

The circuit amounts to 42 kilometres, while each round includes Alto Nano. This is the biggest hurdle underway. The Nano – 3.9 kilometres at 5.6% – is crested 17 kilometres before the finish line and following the downhill another hill appears. This one is shorter though – 1 kilometres at 4.9%. After the top there are 6 kilometres remaining.

Llanogrande lies 15 kilometres north of La Ceja, hub of stage 2. Once again the race is played out at an elevation of around 2,200 metres, but the route is flat to undulating. Alto Nano peaks at 2,348 metres, which is the highest point in the route.

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Tour Colombia 2019: route, elevation, more

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