Mont Ventoux Challenge 2020: Aleksandr Vlasov solos to victory

Aleksandr Vlasov - Mont Ventoux Challenge 2020: Aleksandr Vlasov solos to victoryAleksandr Vlasov solos to glory in the relatively new one-day race on the Bald Mountain. He outguns Richie Porte and Guillaume Martin on a route with an elevation gain of 4,000 metres, including a double ascent of the Mont Ventoux. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results Mont Ventoux Dénivelé 2020

1. Aleksandr Vlasov (rus)
2. Richie Porte (aus) + 0.18
3. Guillaume Martin (fra) + 0.59
4. Pierre Latour (fra) + 1.29
5. Fabio Aru (ita) + 1.38
6. Harold Tejada (col) + 1.43
7. Kenny Elissonde (fra) + 1.51
8. Nairo Quintana (col) + 1.57
9. Jesús Herrada (spa) + 2.15
10. Valentin Madouas (fra) + 2.32

Race report
Carmelo Urbano, Marlon Gaillard, Robert Scott, Lewis Askey, Alessandro Monaco, Jose Goncalves, Garikoitz Bravo and Juan Felipe Osorio establish the breakaway early on. The eight race to a lead of more than 6 minutes on the Col de Fontaube before the peloton takes the reins.

The gap has fallen to 4 minutes when the leaders tackle the Mont Ventoux for the first time, while Bravo goes alone in the forest. His solo effort is over on the second ascent, with 18 kilometres remaining.

Ravasi attacks in the peloton with more than 10 kilometres to climb and Latour joins him, while Superman López loses contact at the back.

Latour pushes on alone and Guillaume Martin bridges across 3 kilometres later before he drops his compatriot just before Chalet Reynard. He opens a gap of 25 seconds ahead of a select group of around twenty riders, where López restored contact.

Vlasov accelerates after Chalet Reynard and he re-joins Martin. Porte is chasing the duo, but without getting any closer.

Vlasov accelerates again inside the last 3 kilometres and now he drops Martin. And while Porte also overhauls the Frenchman, he keeps chasing the leader in the race.

The 24-year old Russian sets a steady pace and the Tasmanian is unable to pull back any time. So Vlasov wins the race ahead of Porte, while Martin finishes 1 minute after the winner.

Another interesting read: route Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge 2020.

Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge 2020: route, profiles

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Alexander Vlasov

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