Giro 2023 Route stage 16: Sabbio Chiese - Monte Bondone

Giro d'Italia 2023Tuesday 23 May - The first 60 kilometres of stage 16 are virtually flat and from then on it's climbers alert. The remaining 140 kilometres feature 5,500 metres of climbing. The finish climb, Monte Bondone, is 20.3 kilometres long and averaging 6.7%.

The race opens along the western shores of Lago di Garda. Where the lake ends the riders cross River Sarca to tackle a short climb to Nago. Just 1.6 kilometres long and averaging 8.4%, mainly serving as gentle reminder that the profile of the route is changing. Big time!

The first big climb begins 5 kilometres later in Bolognano. The Passo di Santa Barbara kicks in hard with a series of hairpins and ramps up to 11.7%. The climb totals 12.3 kilometres and the average gradient sits at 8.4%.

A short downhill takes the riders to Ronzo Chiennis. Effectually, the Passo Bordala is an extension of the Passo di Santa Barbara, only shorter – 3.7 kilometres at 7.1%.

The riders plunge down the 16 kilometres descent to Rovereto. After crossing the Adige River the route goes up again. The first 6 kilometres climb at 8.4% and after a minor downhill the rest of the Matassone ascent is less demanding. The climb totals 11.4 kilometres, while the average gradient sits at 5.4%.

The descent runs almost parallel to the ascent and the riders reach the Adige valley again, only to return to climbing on the road Serrada. The climb adds up to 17.5 kilometres at 5.5%, while the last 10 kilometres before the villlage go up at 6.6%.

And again, the riders plunge down to the Adige, this time to follow the river upstream for a while before turning left to Aldeno. This flat section is 10 kilometres long and then it’s time for the final climb. Monte Bondone. The first 3 kilometres rise at 9% before it levens out a bit. The ascent is 20.3 kilometres long and averaging 6.7%. The steepest ramps – up to 15% – appear 12 kilometres up the mountain.

The stage winner on Monte Bondone succeeds Charly Gaul (1956), Giorgio Furlan (1992), and Ivan Basso (2006).

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Giro d’Italia 2023 stage 16: route, profile, more

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