Giro 2021 Favourites stage 18: Sprinters or attackers?

Remi Cavagna - Giro 2021 Favourites stage 18:The 18th stage suits the sprinters, but since we are in the third week of the Giro the odds are that the attackers will have it their way. The route adds up to 231 kilometres and the finale features a number of hills. (Slideshow route/profile)

It would be a bold investment for a sprint team to control the breakaway, while the finale is quite tricky. The last 35 kilometres feature four climbs. Not long, not steep, but enough to hurt a struggling sprinter.

In the first week of the Giro it would have been something else entirely. A fresh sprinter should be able to survive the 4% slopes. But no riders is after almost three weeks of racing and more than 3,000 kilometres.

To get back to the question in the headline. Probably, the odds favour the attackers in the 18th stage. Yet, one can never be entirely sure. Riders like Sagan or Ulissi could order their team to control the breakaway.

Favourites 18th stage 2021 Giro d’Italia

*** Peter Sagan, Diego Ulissi, Rémi Cavagna, Taco van der Hoorn
** Victor Campenaerts, Alessandro De Marchi, Mikkel Honoré, Jan Tratnik
* Dylan Groenewegen, Tim Merlier, Andrea vendrame, Alex Dowsett, Simon Pellaud

Another interesting read: route stage 18 Giro d’Italia 2021.

Giro d’Italia 2021 stage 18: finale route, profiles

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