Giro 2020 Route stage 10: San Salvo - Tortoreto Lido

Giro d'Italia 2020At 212 kilometres, stage 10 on the Giro d'Italia takes place between San Salvo and Tortoreto Lido. The last 50 kilometres are tailor made for Classics riders with a series of short and sharp climbs before the finale descends to the line.

The 10th stage kicks into gear in San Salvo, a small town on Adriatic coast. The riders head north in the direction of Pescara, but before entering the city – in Francavilla al Mare – the route turns inland Chieti. Located on a hill, the birth place of last year’s Mountain King, Giulio Ciccone, is the first obstacle in the route.

The Giro returns to the Adriatic coast to continue further north. Roughly 10 kilometres before entering seaside resort Tortoreto Lido the riders leave the shoreline for a promising finale. First, they climb to the old town of Tortoreto and descend into Tortoreto Lido for a first passage on the line. Another flat section along the coast goes to Martinsicuro before 4 kilometres climb at 7% leads to Colonnella. Still roughly 30 kilometres left to race.

Following a kick-up to Controguerra the route descends to the base of another climb to Tortoreto before the route crisscrosses around the town for a while. After a last uphill of 3 kilometres at 7% the race concludes with a 6.5 kilometres downhill back into Tortoreto Lido on the Adriatic coast.

Giro d’Italia 2020 stage 10: route, profile, more

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