Giro 2020 Favourites stage 16: Attackers on trying circuit

Sam Oomen 2020 - Giro 2020 Favourites stage 16: Attackers on trying circuitThe decisive final week of the Giro d'Italia starts with a bang. As a prelude to the Alps stage 15 serves a finishing circuit with three times the Monte di Ragogna, a 2.8 kilometres climb at 10.4%.

In the run-up to the finishing circuit the riders tackle the Madonnina del Domm (12 kilometres at 6.6%), Monte Spig (5 kilometres at 9%) and the ascent to Monteaperta (6 kilometres at 8%). This part of the race takes place near the Slovenian border. Then the route descends towards the Tagliamento River for the circuit around San Daniele del Friuli, birthplace of Alessandro De Marchi.

The 26.9 kilometres circuit is tackled three times. Each lap features 550 vertical metres. The first uphill is 500 metres long and serves ramps up to 14%, while the Monte di Ragogna goes up for 2.8 kilometres at 10.4% with a steepest section of 16%. The last time over Monte di Ragogna is with 13 kilometres out.

The kilometre after the flamme rouge is something. The first half goes steep uphill and even features a section at 18% before the second half is a false flat.

A likely scenario is that the race will come down to clash of a group of attackers. Either the breakaway will remain until the end or a new front group emerges on the finishing circuit.

Obviously, how the race unfolds will depend on the GC, so we’ll update this article during the Giro d’Italia.

Favourites 16th stage 2020 Giro d’Italia
*** Sam Oomen, Ben O’Connor, Diego Ulissi
** Valerio Conti, Koen Bouwman, Fausto Masnada
* Brandon McNulty, Larry Warbasse, Gianluca Brambilla, Alex Aranburu

(more to follow)

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