Giro 2015 Route stage 3: Rapallo – Sestri Levante

Giro 2015 stage 3Monday, May 11, 2015 – Stage 3 heads in 136 kilometres from Rapallo to Sestri Levante, bringing the first serious climbs into the 2014 Giro. The road is constantly undulating but it may be a comforting thought for the non-climbers the last ascent is crested at 44 kilometres from the finish line, the remainder is flat or downhill. Good news for good descenders!

Both departure town Rapallo and arrival town Sestri Levante are at the Gulf of Tigullio, yet the stage itself is on hilly terrain through the hinterland. In fact only the final 20 kilometres are flat.

Straight from the start the road goes up, one step at a time. The first benchmark is the Colle Caprile at 470 metres, reached after 25 kilometres. The rolling landscape climbs further up and with 90 kilometres done the highest point is reached, Barbagelata, located at 1,115 metres. Upon cresting the riders can indulge in a descent of about 20 kilometres after which the stage is closed with a flat section in the same distance.

Three years ago the Giro saw a stage finish in Sestri Levante with Danish attacker Lars Bak being victorious.

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Giro 2015 stage 3: Route map, profile and more

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