E3 Harelbeke 2016: The Route

E3 Harelbeke 2016 The RouteFriday, March 25, 2016 – As always, edition 59 of E3 Harelbeke is played out at a parcours teaming with Flemish hills and cobbles. The race totals 206 kilometres and brings 15 nasty climbs and 4 cobbled sectors.

In 2016, E3 Harelbeke serves a hearty 19-course menu, featuring 15 hills and 4 cobbled sectors. The aperitif brings Katteberg and La Houpe, the hors d’oeuvre consists of Oude Kruisberg, Knokteberg, Hotond and Kortekeer, before the race is likely to explode at Taaienberg with 70 kilometres left. In recent years it was maitre d’ Tom Boonen to order the first selection at this steep cobbled climb at only 650 metres, but with a maximum gradient of 18%.

The main course takes the riders in a trot over Boigneberg, Eikenberg, Stationberg to Kapelberg, Paterberg, Oude Kwaremont, and Karnemelkbeekstraat, while the dessert brings the cobbles of the Varentstraat and the climb up Tiegemberg, 1 kilometre at 6.5% and with a steepest section at 9%.

At the top it’s 19 kilometres left, assuring a finale at high speeds as the last stretch into Harelbeke is flat and straight.

Live race report E3 Harelbeke 2016.

E3 Harelbeke 2016: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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