Dwars door Vlaanderen: Recent winners

yves lampaert - Dwars door Vlaanderen: Recent winnersDwars door Vlaanderen started out in 1945 as Dwars door België, which means Across Belgium. For a long time it has been a two days stage-race, but as of 1965 it found its current form as a one-day race. In 2000 the name was changed to Dwars door Vlaanderen. Cyclingstage.com brings you all record holders and recent winners. (Slideshow route/profile)

Recent winners Dwars door Vlaanderen

2017: Yves Lampaert (bel)
2016: Jens Debusschere (bel)
2015: Jelle Wallays (bel)
2014: Niki Terpstra (nld)
2013: Oscar Gatto (ita)
2012: Niki Terpstra (nld)
2011: Nick Nuyens (bel)
2010: Matti Breschel (den)
2009: Kevin Van Impe (bel)
2008: Sylvain Chavanel (fra)
2007: Tom Boonen (bel)
2006: Frederik Veuchelen (bel)
2005: Niko Eeckhout (bel)
2004: Ludovic Capelle (bel)
2003: Robbie McEwen (aus)
2002: Baden Cooke (aus)
2001: Niko Eeckhout (bel)
2000: Tristan Hoffman (nld)

Dwars door Vlaanderen records
Belgium is the most successful country, which does not come as a big surprise as the race is on Belgian soil. 54 editions were won by a home rider.

Twelve riders did win Dwars door Vlaanderen twice. Nine of them were Belgian: André Rosseel (1948, 1950), Raymond Impanis (1949, 1951), Briek Schotte (1953, 1955), Walter Godefroot (1966, 1968), Daniel Van Ryckeghem (1967, 1970), Walter Planckaert (1977, 1984), Eric Vanderaerden (1986, 1991), Johan Museeuw (1993, 1999) and Niko Eeckhout (2001, 2005). On three occasion it was a Dutchman who brought home the bacon: Jelle Nijdam (1987, 1995), Tristan Hoffman (1996, 2000) and Niki Terpstra (2012, 2014).

Terpstra is the only two times-winner who is still in the peloton.

Dwars door Vlaanderen: Route, profile maps and more

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Tom BoonenNiki TerpstraJens DebusschereYves Lampaert

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